Scrupulosity Help and Support

Resources for those needing help with scrupulosity.


Are you a Christian in need of OCD or scrupulosity help? Here are some resources:

Counseling and coaching resources:

  1. Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services
  2. Renewal: Christian Treatment and Recovery
  3. Coaching with Dr. Ian Osborn

What you should know:

You should be aware that there are two proven ways that OCD is treated: medication and ERP1. These have been written about extensively and other sufferers will confirm their effectiveness.

What not to do:

Many of us with OCD search the web to read and seek assurance from articles, books, etc. This can be dangerous. Seeking reassurance can be a compulsion in itself, and compulsions are best resisted.

If you’re new to OCD and/or scrupulosity, it’s wise to reach out and get help from others. One reason is that often the ways that we think we should deal with OCD can be the most harmful. Therapy is often counter-intuitive. Find someone who can inform you, guide you, and/or prescribe medication. Family practitioners are aware of anxiety issues and are able to prescribe medication. They may not be as adept at ERP or CBT[note]cognitive behavioral therapy[/note].

Unhelpful “help”

In getting help, please note that friends, family, and pastors often give poor advice. It’s common to hear oversimplified suggestions such as “just pray about it.” Some may tell you that God will heal you. God can and does heal, but He hasn’t healed all of us (yet). Read my post about the elders praying over me.

Get in contact

If you’re suffering and truly stuck, feel free to contact me. However, know that all I can do is to try to point you in the right direction. I will certainly not be able to cure you or provide professional support. I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist. What I do have is 10-plus years of good and bad experience in dealing with it.

Feel free to leave other tips, suggestions, or links in the comment section below.


  1. exposure and response prevention