5 Things I Do To Stay Healthy

OCD and scrupulosity make life tough! Here are five things I find myself doing when things are going well.

5 Things I Do To Stay Healthy

I’ve been doing incredibly well in the past few months. I’ve even come through the change of season in the fall which historically has been the time when I suffer the most. I can’t pinpoint one single reason why things have been going so well—most likely it’s a combination of factors. Here I’ve listed five things I do to get and stay healthy.

  1. I take medication. I’ve been taking meds for over 12 years and acknowledge that this is not a cure-all (I’ve had plenty of times in the valley while on meds). However, I know that it helps.
  2. I take care of my body. I exercise three times a week and eat healthily. I don’t go to extremes in dieting or exercising, but healthy living is a part of my life. In addition, I take a daily multi-vitamin and omega-3s (in the form of fish oil). I suspect that the omega-3’s help my brain and mood.
  3. I keep in contact with a counselor. We don’t talk all that often—perhaps once a month—but I do keep him in the loop. When I do struggle, I know I can talk to him.
  4. I work and keep myself busy. I always feel better after an honest day’s work. I think it’s important to stay engaged in something rather than being idle. Ironically, days off, weekends, and holidays can be times that I struggle the most. Often on days off I read. I read the Bible and lots of other Christian books. I keep my mind engaged. If I don’t have anything better to do or think about, I find myself become anxious and burdened.
  5. I stay involved in lots of relationships. I’m married, have prayer partners, have several close friends, and am part of a church and small group. My day job at the college also keeps me connected to other teachers and students.

There are other factors that I’m not consciously aware of: God’s sustaining grace, people praying for me, etc. For this post, I’ve chosen the ones that I have some degree of control over.

What about you? What’s most helpful for you?

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